Get connected

At APBC we believe that mission overflows from gospel-centered Christian community. 

Thus, we work to create opportunities for members to connect and be equipped for gospel work in the world. Below is our three fold strategy for equipping the body of Christ for ministry.  

Equipping the Saints

Our approach for equipping the church for ministry is threefold. First, we encourage members of APBC to get involved in the ministries of the church. Examples are Equip classes that are offered on Sunday mornings, our corporate worship service, Grace Groups, our mid-week Bible study, small group men's and women's Bible studies, evangelistic Bible studies, and service projects that we seek to do in the city. We also encourage our members to get involved in mission trips overseas. 

Second, we encourage members of APBC to join in good gospel work that is already happening, but isn't under direct oversight of APBC's pastors. We call these formal partnerships. These are ministries that APBC is invested in with resources and people. We trust these ministries and gladly encourage members to join in the work. Examples of these kinds of partnerships are the Morning Center and Bethlehem College and Seminary. 

Third, we gladly encourage members to join in good gospel work that is already happening in the city and world, but APBC hasn't necessarily invested resources into these ministries. We call these informal partnerships. We believe that God's work stretches well beyond APBC, and are glad to see members get involved in good gospel-centered work.